Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goodbye Spouse Education Money...

One frustrating aspect of being a military spouse is not always being able to find a job after a permanent change of station. Personally, I have experienced this too often. When you move to a completely new area of the country, or even overseas, it is very difficult to locate and secure a job in your given field. For example, up until our move to Abilene, my husband and I relocated every 6 months...not very career friendly.

One way that the government has tried to help, is the launch of an Education Assistance Program for military spouses. This program allows a military spouse up to $6,000 for career advancing education and/or training. Sounds great, right? Well, it is until the government runs out of funds....

As of this past week, the Defense Department has suspended the assistance program which was aiding more than 98,000 military spouses. As you might assume, there is quite the outrage at this recent announcement.

A military spouse's career almost always takes the back seat to the service member's. We have to be ready to relocate at a moment's notice, ready to run the household while the husband/wife is deployed, prepared to make tough decisions and raise children alone, all while trying to maintain our own identity and achieve our own dreams.

Albeit a blow to military spouses, we all must sacrifice in some way.