Monday, October 11, 2010

My C-130 Experience!

As the spouse of a C-130 pilot, I have often wondered what it is like to fly around in that huge aircraft. Well, I had the chance to experience it!!

Once a year, Dyess holds a Spouse's Day, where we can go to the squadron and take part in activities that our husbands do every day. We had the opportunity to tour the control tower, "train" in the simulator and even take a real flight in a C-130!

The entire concept of a Spouse's Day is great because it is sometimes hard to understand why our guys come home at the end of the day feeling exhausted and "beaten" from flying.

Let me tell, I understand! It is rough flying in a C-130! The day we went, we had clear skies, calm winds and we still had incredible turbulence. I will say, I was not feeling so well by the time we landed.

So, kudos to all of the C-130 crews for being able to handle those flights day in and day out! We thank you all for what you do. :)