Friday, January 22, 2010

Dyess' Response To Haiti

The earthquake disaster in Haiti has been the topic of conversations for awhile now but maybe not from the perspective that I’d like to share. The preparations made by the men and women of Dyess Air Force Base and what they go through to be ready for such an event.

First, it takes the members of the Air Force (at least the pilots) an extended period of instruction and exercises to get to the point where they are ready to fulfill a mission such as the aftermath
of the earthquake in Haiti. In fact, my husband has been in training for over two years and still not flown a real mission. There are practice exercises, war games, and survival schools, not to mention, actually learning to fly. There are years of classes and simulations and lots of studying and tests. Then, and only then, are the men and women ready to take up their positions when called to help.

What many do not realize is that there is much more to the execution of a mission than the people in the plane. When the Haiti tragedy struck the Dyess family was put into action. Airmen were doing any and every job that needed to be done. Some were handing our Malaria pills, some were locked in a security vault putting together packs, and some were sitting at the flight line desk until all hours, in case they were called to duty.

Tragedies like the earthquake in Haiti are exactly why the men and women of the armed forces train. Their number one priority is the mission, which means that the second they are needed,they go, no questions asked. From a spouse's point of view, this can be frustrating and scary but we remember that there is a bigger picture and a greater cause.

I’m very proud of my military family for all of the efforts they have made for Haiti and I know that the Haitian people are eternally grateful as well.

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